As we are a Christian church we believe that the couple to be joined in civil union requires at least one counselling session with one of our pastors.

The below information is compulsory to get married and is required on the day of marriage:

Couples Checklist: (These documents need to be presented to the presiding pastor by law, for you to be legally registered as married.)

  1. Two (2) I.D. size photo’s each. (black & white or colour)
  2. a) Original I.D. books of both partners to be wed (To be presented on the day of the wedding for verification) For foreign nationals, passports must be presented & copies of each partners’ passport & visa must be submitted.

b) One Copy of each partners’ I.D. books (no need for certified copies)

  1. Witnesses information (2 witnesses are required)

a) 1 Copy of each Witness’s I.D. Don’t need to be certified copies. (Two witnesses are required & must be SA Citizens)

b) Full contact details of witnesses(You will need to have: their full names & contact cell numbers).

(These will need to be filled in on the register, so please have the assurance that these are the witnesses that will be present at the ceremony/register signing, where the documents will be officially signed by all parties and the witnesses.)

Additional Documents necessary, where applicable

  1. Divorce or death certificates of previous marriage/s (must be certified copies of original document/s.

NB: Please discuss the legal contract that you wish to enter into for marriage with your spouse to be, prior to signing the registers on your wedding day. The reason for this is; that according to law, the couple marries by default into “Community of Property”, which is legally assumed on the signing of the registers. If an ANC contract is preferred; this must be done prior to the signing of the registers.

  1. A Letter from your Attorney (Notary) preferably with the legal wax stamp, stating proof that you have drawn up an ANC contract if you have opted for this. (This must be presented with ID docs above, as it must be attached with the other documents, which will be submitted to home affairs)

If you as a couple choose to be married “A.N.C.” you should ensure that you have a contract drawn up by a Notary (a specialist attorney in these matters). This must be in place before the signing of any registers with your appointed marriage officer/pastor.

Please note that unfortunately, due to law, we cannot issue a marriage certificate or register the marriage without the above documents being presented on our scheduled meeting, where relevant. Please check that you have all the relevant documents with you as stated above when you meet with the pastor.

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